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Just another day in our lives

You know that thing that people call a “creative block”? I think I have had one of those lately – but in a strange way. Why I think it’s strange is because I have so much going on in my head and there’s too many projects to be made and blog posts to be written that I’ve actually over thought my way out of actually writing anything down or making anything.Does this sound familiar? It’s like I’m standing in the middle of a massive sweet shop and I can have anything I want and yet I stand there not knowing where to start or what to try. It’s weird because I’m not like this by nature – I kind of pick a point and just go for it – but this has happened a few times in my little life.

I honestly hate it because I start to over think everything and then end up doing nothing.

So, I decided to stop my over thinking and just do what I normally would do – stop!, pick a spot or point to start and just get going and figure it out from there.

So here’s me starting up again – like for the sixth time this year. I mean, aren’t you bored of this yet? Lol

Anyway, I suppose I can share with you about what’s happening day to day as I used to do and just plod along from there and have no actual aim – just stuff I’m dealing with at the moment.

So sorry target audience – here comes the boring diary stuff.

Ok, so a day like today is slow and steady like a lazy river. I tend to like lying in my bed for an hour before I get the courage to get up and face the day. It’s kind of like my little “hump” day – it keeps me going for the rest of the week until Saturday hits.

Anyway, today I was literally “boy handled” by my son in our bed. Guys! This kid has no limits to his strength and ability to understand that a person can actually get hurt by a three year old. I took pics of what he was doing because it’s literally a smothering match to a point where it could come across as him trying to squash my head in.

I obviously know he’s playing – but it was extremely interesting to see the scene from the camera’s point of view. The pics may be blurry but I’m sure you see me wincing before he proceeds to jump onto my head.

But, because we were having so much fun doing that – my girls got wind of it and the soon joined in on the party and it became a tickling fest.

What was interesting for me is that I kept thinking about how I shouldn’t tickle too much because I have to make sure that they don’t get hurt in the process and this continues to always be fun. I read about how tickling can become abusive for some kids if you don’t actually listen when they say “stop”.

I know! Why was I thinking about that when I should be enjoying the moment right? But – this is what goes through a mom’s mind through the day.

After our tickle party – I then found the strength to get up and get going. (I can do this because we homeschool and we tend to take some days slower than others) I prep my kids work the night before and so they get on with it while I do the slow morning thang. Which only works properly once a week – the rest of the week runs like clock work – #justsaying (in case you think I slob around all day everyday – I don’t! Like, really – I CAN’T)

Anyway, Today was the day that I decided to do the winter/summer wardrobe swop. This is when I pull out my storage suitcase that has the previous season’s wardrobe in it and then proceed to flip my bedroom into a massive pile of clothes.

I now have it down to a little art because it used to take me hours – now, I can have it done in 45mins. It’s great. This year I’ve decided to peel back on a few clothes in my winter wardrobe – so I’m going to try and mix it up as much as possible without compromising on my colourful mommy style. let’s see how long that lasts shall we.

Anyway, Everything else in the day was pretty normal up until I went to get some wood.

I do this every year and it’s great because it means we start to have fires. There’s an awesome place that I go and get it in Brackenfell and when it’s 100 pieces for R100 I’m game. (If you know of a cheaper place – let me in on your secret, ‘kay.)

So, I’m looking forward to more lazy mornings where I’m going to be able to drag my lazy person out of bed and then sit in our lounge and have a fire in the middle of the day and read to my bundles of uniqueness.

It all sounds so perfect, doesn’t it? A girl can dream, right? That’s what keeps us going.

Anyway, that’s my tidbit for the day and if you were bored out of your mind – I will hopefully have more boredom coming your way. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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