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Homeschool feedback – September 2018

I haven’t shared about our homeschooling in a long time. Can you guess why? No – I haven’t done nothing! LOL. It’s basically because nothing fascinating or out of the ordinary has been happening.

I guess there was one thing that we changed because I was becoming a really lazy mom and only marking nearer the end of the week. I don’t know if you remember me instagramming about how I prep my kids’ work the night before and then they get to wake up as early as they want to without disturbing me and start their work day. Well, what happened is that we got our printer up and running again and I decided I would prep their work for the week. Yes, the whole week.

It was fine in the beginning, but then what happened was that I started getting lazy and stopped checking in on their work because I knew that they would have the work for the next day. Well – it wasn’t until my one child (I won’t say who) hadn’t done any reading for the whole month, that I realized what had happened and just how lazy I had become.

I had assumed that because she was a certain way that it was getting done. Well, nope – I was smacked across my teacher face and made to realize that I needed to check in all of the time.

So we are back to the old way of me writing everything out every night and checking in with them straight away. Don’t worry – we were doing all of our ‘mom and kid’ lessons but there are things like reading, handwriting, bonds, devotions and so on – that don’t need me to be hands on.

Anyway, we’re back into our awesome rhythm and we are all loving our schooling. Ok – I’m lying, we’re not ‘loving’ it – but we’re not squeezing blood out of a stone anymore.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before – but my children deal with things so differently. My oldest absolutely wades through her grammar, English and reading like its thick tar – and my youngest daughter is literally not getting a few concepts in maths that should be set by now.

But, what I’ve come to realize with both of them – especially in these weaker areas – once I make the effort to really look through what they’re not ‘getting’ and then sitting with them the next day and walking it through with them – they bounce away really happy with themselves. I also have found that whenever I look at something they keep getting wrong, this is not their fault – it’s something that I need to take responsibility for as their teacher and really dig for a way for them to ‘get’ the concept.

Just like parenting them, it’s a constant goal post shift and I’m always looking at them -trying to make it easier for them to get stuff that is ‘seemingly’ hard.

Ok, as much as I’m talking about the girls – there’s this little person that is literally tagging alongside our homeschool journey. Jude is 3 and a half and as far as I can remember he is supposed to be able to count to a certain number, know his shapes, colours and recognize his name or letter. Guys – the boy is getting it somehow and yet, I have (in all honesty) not had the time to actually give him the focus he needs.

So I’ve said to myself that, next year he is starting something formal at the beginning of the year. I must admit that I also have to remind myself that because he is a January baby, his friends are 3 turning 4 and yet he isn’t – he’s in the year 2 turning 3…….. something to wrap my head around. I always think if he was in crèche, he’d be the oldest in his class.

So next year, he is 3 turning 4 – even though he would be 4 before the school year even starts…… So as much as he’s learning really well I’m caught in the vibe of going British on him and starting him early and seeing what happens. Let’s not kid ourselves – if the kid gets it, then he’s going to be a whole year ahead…… if he doesn’t then I’ve lost nothing and then her moves as the average 3 year old next year.

I love homeschooling for this very reason – I can adjust to go faster or slower whenever I want to.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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