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Happy Birthday Tim Feder

Today is my husband’s birthday! He is now a well rounded 40! That’s just the weirdest thing to say. When we look at each other we always can’t believe we’re as old as we are. We used to look at these numbers and think that those were the beginning stages of getting old…….. well I get it now. 40 isn’t old and it sure isn’t the start of it. I think the term “old” has to be used so lightly now because it’s always so relative. Anyway, before I go down the insane rabbit hole of giving my opinion on age – let me gush over this man I call best friend and lover.


We’ve know each other for 18 years and have been together for the same amount of time. We were that couple. When we realised there were feelings and a spark – we were both in the same place of “no nonsense”. We were either going to “do this thing” or walk away and just be friends. 18 years later and we still choose each other. It’s been a constant road of learning from each other.

I love this guy in a way that doesn’t always make sense – even to me. When we look at our journey it’s been one of constant surrender to our Maker and letting Him make us awesome for each other.

I honestly think that Tim is way more awesome than I am because he just “knows” how to handle all the mess inside of me. He has the patience of a Saint and yet the Valour of a warrior. But like those Samurai Warriors – he doesn’t go into anything with his guns blazing or fists flailing everywhere. He fights with honour, respect and precision. I have always, and I mean always come out of a disagreement with him feeling so much taller because he has treated me that way – it doesn’t happen often – but when it does I feel amazing.

He sees the potential in everyone and continuously tries to get them to see it for themselves. Often to the detriment of himself and his capacity. Many call that his “pastoral” side. That’s just who he is. I guess God gave me to him to give a little bit of boundary – but who am I kidding – it doesn’t always work.

He’s an amazing father and provider. He completely rests his faith in God and because of that we always feel secure and safe because he isn’t striving to be more than he’s supposed to be. He continuously invests in our children and they are growing up learning from his way of being and conducting himself. This luxury, I don’t take for granted. They get to be in each others lives so much more than many other children don’t get the privilege of doing with their father’s. I am grateful for this gift every day.

Tim, as you have lived these past 40 years with integrity, and honour – I pray that your next 40 would be continuously filled with more wisdom and patience. That you would never stop learning and teaching. That we would always find new ways to enjoy our lives, each other and our family. That Fun would continuously be a part of our journey going forward.

Happy Birthday.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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