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“How did we end up here?”

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “how did we end up here?”

Now, this question can be asked in both a positive light and a negative light – so I bet you’ve asked this at least once in either way, right?

What is it about life that makes us get to these points? All of us have some element of control when it comes to our current circumstances. I say an element, because the circumstance can’t always change, but it’s how we respond or choose to look at it – is what we have the control over.

Many of you may have this question ringing loud at the moment. If you’re in a good space – ride that wave baby because just like the waves, they hit the shore and then it’s time to pull out and enjoy the pull and undertow again. But those of us that are looking at that question with the negative bend to it – know this – the wave ride is coming again.

Maybe that’s why the sound and visual feast of the ocean is what it is – it’s a clear reminder that life is just like that. Never-ending horizons filled with swells, riptides, waves and calms.

Tim and I find ourselves looking at where we are at right now and looking back at the previous riptide we went through and shrug our shoulders reminding each other that we’re stronger because of the previous one. I always say to him (I like to talk in metaphors and pictures because they help me define the feelings clearly) that it’s like we walked into a gym as buddies, all those years ago and we were lifting the small weights. Back then, those were hard to lift and we had to really encourage each other to do the work. Now, we’re being presented with weights that are way more than we ever thought we’d be able to carry – why? Because over the years, we have pushed through and got to lifting the weights for that season. They got easier and also we’ve learned that if we can’t lift it our spotter isn’t each other but God. He’s the coach – He’s there telling us we can do it and helping us with technique, position, focus and encouragement. Plus, he’s the one adding more to the bar.

Also, we’re not always exercising in the same way every time – it’s amazing that even though it’s building the same muscle or group of muscles He gives us a different approach most times.

Hopefully you can relate.

I’m in a place of feeling pumped, getting my schedule into gear and looking at my rack of weights and saying, “bring it on!!” but then – I’m like, “where do I start?”

Hahahahahaha – which is hilarious.

I’m slightly irritated with myself because I know that if I just get going – then it will be easier – but the strategic part of me wants to be sure that I’m lifting the weights in the right order and getting optimum efficiency from the whole schedule…….. what a joke right? Exactly!

Anyway, I’m sooooooo kicking myself and just needing to get my butt into gear.

Well, here’s to going for it.



I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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      1. Yin and yang simply is. It’s neither simple, nor complex and far from perfect because it actually doesn’t “require” perfection. It’s only about opposites and how we see which parts are light, and which are dark. Actually … I personally believe perfection is boring! 😉 Carry on writing the good stuff!

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