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First Steps to getting Strong – Support, Structure & then Strength

So we’re back and we get to move ahead with therapy. For those of you that are new, I previously posted about finding out about our daughter’s foot development. So this is the first official update.
Yay! She doesn’t have any fusion of the bones on the ankle and so this means we get to enjoy the short version of therapy. (Which I’m so glad for) Those that know our princess – she has walked around bare foot since she was a little itty bitty princess. Having her wear shoes all the time is going to be a challenge for sure. But this is obviously a sacrifice for the greater good of her physical development.

Here’s a Video of the day we went to get her orthotics fitted and if you listen carefully, the podiatrist explains what’s actually happened with Iraina’s foot structure. Enjoy.

Visit to the Podiatrist

So! it looks like we’re going to have to change the way we shop for shoes and the way that we approach the day with her having to wear shoes more often. The orthotics have to be worn 80% of her walk around day. Yippee for the challenge.

So this visit was just to get the orthotics, and get them put into the shoes that she already owns. Because she does gymnastics for 2 hours of her day, everyday of the working week – the podiatrist has sent us off with a letter to the physiotherapist.

I thought that she would take some time to get used to the orthotics in her shoes, but from day one – she likes them. Which is great and they haven’t hurt her in any way but have supported her foot tremendously to be able to do things she’s had pain doing before. To be honest, she’s found them to be a little sweaty – but hey – that’s life right. Good things have been achieved with either blood, sweat or tears – It’s great that it’s only sweat this time. #wink

There was obviously a break between getting the orthotics and going to the physio therapist so gymnastics was still fairly painful. She had to rest her feet a lot and rather focused on doing physical conditioning with the rest of her body.

Once we were able to get to the physio therapist we were so excited to see what he would do to help her feet. He assessed her based on the information given to her through the letter and it has been amazing to see that such simple exercises can make such a difference in her ankle strength.

I’m going to post the video of her physio exercises in the next post so that you can see the progression from week one of physio to week two. Let it be known, our Iraina is a beast when it comes to committing to the work needed for a specific goal. She’s incredible – so any amount of improvement that you see – take note that it’s all because she puts in the work on the daily and really takes responsibility for herself.

I am honestly proud of her – but in a way that has nothing to do with me or the way that we have parented her. This is her intricate design and I guess I take pride in the God given gift she has to be able to do this. I am proud that we were gifted with her and that God trusted her into our hands. Her wiring is awesome and when you observe it for yourself – you’ll understand what I mean.

As a parent, take note of the giftings that your children have got and remember to never think that it’s because of you. There are certain things that you were there to help steward, but inevitably – that’s God’s handy work right there, not yours. Take joy in that fact and embrace the awesome responsibility you have to be their coach and guide. Even if it’s hard – they were given to you, because you have what it takes to walk with them through life.

You are an amazing parent – just know when to get help and when to pull yourself back.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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