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11 and Counting : Happy Birthday Princess

I can’t even begin to explain how immensely proud I am to announce the celebration of our Iraina! Every time I get to this point in the year, I am in awe of how much growth, maturity, intelligence, strength, grace, confidence, beauty and so much more – that this precious human has acquired. I know that this is a blog post containing a lot of words, but once you know her – you know that there is no bottling her up or containing within sentences and phrases.

(as a disclaimer to those reading – I like to write these birthday posts as a letters to my children for them to read when they’re older – so I’m switching modes)

You are one of a kind sweet girl. There are so many things that I’m going to piece together in here that swell up in my heart every time I observe you, interact with you and learn from you – that I so wish I could say to you everyday – all of the time (but then you’d roll you eyes at me and say, “moooooom, not again”)

My girl, when I observe you – you have a tenacity to achieve in ways I have never seen in any other human being before. I can only say that you were distinctly designed to be this way – we can’t even take credit for this as your parents. Your self discipline, ability to apply principles and execute instructions is mind blowing – especially for me as your mother. I am inspired by your natural ability to do this. It’s who you are and I am in awe of it everyday. Your attention to detail when something is important to you – is out of this world. The way that you take this world in fascinates me – why? because you hold your thoughts close and when they are expressed they are mind blowing – like creative nuggets that spill out of you.

You are fun and funny – yes, both. You have always been playful and I love how you don’t take life too seriously and play around with your imagination and bring it to life for us all to witness. This, especially with your brother. Being able to colour your day with activities and games that would otherwise be blah and dull. Dancing spontaneously in any moment of the day and reflecting parts of me in your own way, makes me smile inside and really connect to who you are. The joy you bring to people is contagious and lifts hearts that I don’t think you realise. This is a gift that you have to offer to your environments and I pray nothing ever steals it. May it be protected forever.

You are an influencer to those around you and your strength of character in situations is something I hope you never lose and will always grow in. I don’t think you know how important that is to have as a human being – especially now. Continue to make your voice be heard – it’s always worth it!

I’ve learned so much from you, mainly because you remind me so much of myself. I have learned to take your lead. To respond to your yes’s and no’s – to your smiles, frowns, eye rolls, grunts, sighs and happy giggles. I have learned that you are not to be forced – you are to be waited for. I have learned that in the waiting – to watch and listen. Not to impose my own point of view into your point of view. And yet, I have learned to help you put words to your processes – to be bold – courageous and unafraid of the response. You are brave! You are able to speak up. I love that – I hope you don’t lose this as well. Going for justice isn’t a bad thing – when you see something wrong – go for it my girl. You were designed that way.

Today, you are in the stepping closer into more change, more experience and more responsibility. I don’t know what this coming year holds for you and I don’t know what you’ll do in response to what it has to offer. My only hearts cry and prayer is that you would continue to take me with you, let me hold your hand as you navigate more of what this world has to offer and how you were designed to make your mark. I believe in you, I love you and I know that there is so much in store for you.

Happy 11th Birthday my Perfectly unique Princess!


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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