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How to Destress Like a Kid….

I woke up this morning and after hearing what the President addressed us on last night, I really felt that as a grown up I need to find ways to destress without having to leave my home. I then had this epiphony – I’m not too much of a drinker but I do know that lots of people consume an alcoholic drink or two to relieve their stress and “take the edge off” to be able to cope with the coming day or week and so on.

I just thought – what would I do to release stress without having to spend a thing or consume anything and I realised that I like to do “kid things”. As I was thinking this – I thought, I’m going share it because all too often as adults we forget to do this. So, I challenge you to try it – as I am going to go for it as well and see what the results will be.

If you have any children in your life – take a moment to observe them and learn from them. I’m talking about children between the ages of 3-8. Their bodies are naturally designed to help them cope with stress through play – it looks like “just being a kid” but when you look closely, they’re constantly trying to let go of their every day by playing.

Some of the things might knock the breath out of us as an adult but it’s so worth the chemical rush at the end that will leave you in giggles, breathless laughter or with an endorphin rush that you didn’t realise could happen just by “being a kid”. Here’s some ways that I’m going to try it – let me know if you’d do it too.

  1. Dance crazily like you absolutely don’t care what you look like or if anyone is watching.
    There’s nothing like a good dance party. No matter what your situation – if you find that one song that sends you into a heart racing desire to just move – find it, put it on loud and just go for it. I really thought about this one and even if you’re in a wheelchair or have a disability – this can be done. Move around – let your hair flail around your face or have your arms punch the sky like it’s needing to cheered on. Stomp your legs, shake that bootie. Trust me – it will be worth it. Yes, the situation won’t change, but your perspective and feelings towards it will – just because you danced.
  2. Climb something – jungle gym, a rock, the couch, the kitchen counter and then cheer like you’ve conquered mount everest. I don’t even know why I’d try this one – but after observing my kids this seems to be something kids do and it gives them some sort of pleasure – so I’m going to try it.
  3. Jump onto, on or off something. Ok – I’m not suggest we break bones and think we’re invincible. But hopefully you remember piling cushions in some room somewhere and jumping off the couch or bed into a pile of soft things. Or jumping on your bed. I guess now we know how much the bed costs – but if you’re will to try it – get to jumping. If you’re blessed to have a trampoline – go and jump on it. Throw your limbs everywhere as you do and pretend you’re a superhero.
  4. Watch Tv upside down on the couch. (or do something upside down) Over the last year, I’ve seen my children get into this position and I’ve learned that this is actually a physical way to relieve stress. Having the blood go to the brain helps to improve bodily function in many ways – be careful not to stay like that for too long, because we aren’t 5 anymore. I know a hand stand has a similar effect – I’m going to see what the big deal is and if it will help relieve my stress levels.
  5. Sing really loud. I don’t know about you, but I already do this a lot in my car when I drive – If you’ve done it, then you know. You can’t but have a smile afterwards. The joy of pretending I’m a disney princess of some kind singing in the middle of my day to some random animal or tree just releases tension in me some how. It’s well worth the stares that I get and more often than not it encourages other people to do the same or join in. And, who cares if you’re in key or not. Just do it!

The main thing that I often take away from situations like this is that I have to let go of caring what others think of me when I’m doing something for myself. Doing Kid things gives a small window of freedom to this already stressful world, so it’s important not to let go of the small things that are easily accessible and can really help us as adults to cope with our every day. Let go of this notion that we have to be a “certain way” just because we’re grown. Bollocks! We are human beings and are designed to move, dance, jump, swing, throw ourselves wildly if we want to.

Let me know if you do any of these and how they make you feel. I will definitely document my findings and share on my social platforms.


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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