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A Story from my Childhood

So, as a blogging family – we have been challenged to do a blog post every week. This week we are sharing a childhood memory. When I was thinking about this – there were sooooooo many memories that popped up and then I have to go through that filing cabinet and decide which one would not only be appropriate to share with you but also something worth writing down.

Story 1:

So I’m giving myself a second to get something together. A lot of thoughts come to me from my teen years because my childhood – let’s be honest – seemed to be a bit of a comic strip blur. Ok, what I’m going to do is give you 3 stories – doff ones that I think most kids would have either done or gone through.

I remember being in the kitchen playing with my play dough on the little table that my parents had for my sister and me. I was rolling out my dough so that I could cut out little rounds (like scones) to be able to put into the oven. But in my childish mind – they were going to be cooked on the stove top and I wanted to fry them in my plastic plate.

I had them all laid out on the tray and then went to switch on the stove and had no clue how the stove button things worked – so I switched on stove top on and decided that I would be able to “feel” the tops to see which one would be the warmest.

In my ignorant state, I proceeded to touch three tops and none were warm and then touched the last plate (which was on full capacity) This was the day that I proceeded to burn through my little fingers.

I learned that very day that 1. Ask as adult for help – 2. If you’ve touched three, then the fourth is definitely on – 3. You CAN NOT put a plastic plate on the stove top if it melts skin.

Story 2:

My mother used to buy fresh bread from the store on our way home from school and it was the best and worst smell in the world. Best  because there’s nothing like fresh bread – worst because we were starving and had to wait until we got home to have some (it wasn’t like today, where we had snack things in the car)

So we used to think that it was ok to slightly pick at the crust of the bread and ‘nibble’ at it until we got home hoping that my mother wouldn’t notice.

Needless to say, when we got home – the loaf looked like a rat had been at the thing and when she asked us what happened – we both flat out lied and proceeded to receive a good disciplined talk.

Did this stop us from doing it the next time? – nope

We used to also take that bread and cut our own very skew slices and hide in the pantry (which was a walk in – old house in zim vibes) and put thick amounts of butter and sugar. Yoh! Just thinking about it makes me want a slice – don’t judge – sugar is the same as jam, just with a little crunch.

Story 3:

I don’t know about you, but I remember bits from the day my sibling arrived in my life. I had just turned three and I remember being taken to the hospital and being given a bottle of Fanta. (things that are truly important to a child) It must have been my very first one or something – because that, is all that I remember from that day. But that’s not the main part of my story – I just wanted you to slip into the mind of my three year old self. Fast forward a few weeks – I remember looking across at my sister in her chair or cot or whatever she was carried in when we drove around and wondering what would happen if I fed this human next to me.

MY mother had just bought whole wheat cocktail rolls (the things that I found important to remember)  they were in a bag right next to me in the back seat and I proceeded to open the bag, after having that thought about feeding this human – and used what was available to me. As I was leaning over about to shove this thing down my sister’s throat, my mother spotted me in peripheral vision and stopped me in my tracks…….. let’s just say I quickly came to learn that you can’t feed toothless, small babies – whole wheat anything.

Well, that’s me – I hope you’ve had a little giggle. If you blog, please share a childhood story and share your link in my comments section – I’d love to read it.

If not – share a snippet of your childhood with me that you thought was either hilarious or just plain weird to you.

Have a good one Friends


I'm a woman finding my way through life as the wife of Tim, the mom to 3 growing kids and trying to maintain some sort of self through it all. I hope you enjoy reading how I journey with my troops through this thing we call life.

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