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Homeschool Friday Feedback

It’s been such a long time since I posted about homeschooling with my kids. Well, today I thought I would show you guys what it’s like to teach a little 2 year old at home. I took a video of what my little man gets up to when we get the structured time in. Iraina accompanied me in this one and we’re looking all spiffy in our pyjama’s and unbrushed hair. Continue reading “Homeschool Friday Feedback”

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Friday Feedback for the week

So how did it go? I hear you ask. I know I had a fat rant at the beginning of the week about the girls and what to do with their discipline and stuff. Well, I sat them down on Monday night and just plainly explained that I was completely done with making reward charts, motivating with sweets, stars and money. Continue reading “Friday Feedback for the week”

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Monday has me rethinking discipline strategies for my kids

Last night as I was mentally getting ready for Monday, I must admit that I was completely demotivated and not ready for this day. I have to re-strategize disciplining my girls because nothing is working at the moment – everything has become a game and they have started being too kind to each other with their punishments. For example Continue reading “Monday has me rethinking discipline strategies for my kids”

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Friday Feder Files – how’s the family doing?

Friday morning has made me all reflective and I think it would be appropriate to have a little update on where my little tribe are at. Let’s start with Tim. As you might have read, about two weeks ago, he went in for a hernia surgery repair thing. To date, it’s been interesting. Continue reading “Friday Feder Files – how’s the family doing?”

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Friday morning snippet with the Feder’s 

Ok, it isn’t quite a whole Friday with us, but I decided to take a little snippet of our morning so that you can see what it’s like to start school at home. Continue reading “Friday morning snippet with the Feder’s “

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Do Homeschoolers do tests? Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina

Recording this was actually quite funny because it completely exposed to the three of us how easy it is to get side tracked Continue reading “Do Homeschoolers do tests? Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina”

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Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina about homeschool

Ok, so I’m typing this ahead of time because I honestly have no idea what these two are going to video for you. It was so awesome to get a few questions in response to our ‘flavoured’ video of homeschoolers having friends. So I thought in response I would write it out and then give the brief version on video. Upfront, please understand that we are not a well oiled machine and that what I am about to describe to you is a “perfect” day in our ever changing little lives. 

Continue reading “Q&A with Aislyn and Iraina about homeschool”

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Do my homeschooled kids have friends?

As I started last week, every wednesday I’m going to take a moment to just give a tidbit about our homeschooling experience and what it’s like to be a homeschooling family. I’ve made another video here and just a heads up, there’s a break in it because Jude decided that Iraina shouldn’t be doing any work with mom but should be playing with him-so I had to pause Continue reading “Do my homeschooled kids have friends?”

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Feder Kids update

I haven’t done this in a while and I just realized that because I’m with them everyday I’m constantly looking at them and watching them change and grow without taking note of it all. So here are the notes  Continue reading “Feder Kids update”

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“The Talk” with my kids : ‘Self respect’

You know having the sex talk isn’t an event in our home, it has become a lifestyle and culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not constantly talking to my children about the birds and the bees. (LOL can you imagine a 2 year old trying to understand that conversation? haha, sorry, I just had a picture of Jude trying to understand that kind of “talk”) Anyway, as part of teaching our children about their sexuality and what it’s all about – I had to teach my girls from a very young age what the words “appropriate” and “inappropriate” meant. Continue reading ““The Talk” with my kids : ‘Self respect’”