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How do we protect my girls?

I’ve just had the most amazing conversation with my girls. There has been a lot of information overload over the last few days about abuse and gender based violence and, and, and, and…… Our car rides around to our various activities and appointments have been riddled with questions and points of view that we have been chatting about.

Yes, I totally agree that the world that we are raising our children in (and living in) is messed up, broken and filled with evil. And yet, after the few days that have passed – with all of the “scary” news and what this world is capable of – I find myself rising up on the inside, filled with a passion to further empower my girls. Continue reading “How do we protect my girls?”

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Period talk……

This might be an over share blog post and so for all of my male readers, just know periods and girlie stuff are at the center of my little stage today. So, if you’re not interested in that kind of thing – cheers – see you next time. But if you have a preteen and are a woman – this might just interest you and also, I’d love to hear what you think. Continue reading “Period talk……”

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Why the silence? I’m back and here’s why….

As you can probably assume based on the date of my previous post – it has been a really long time since I have written anything on this precious little space of mine. Yup, even I look at the date and wonder – what happened? I feel like I’ve ghosted myself. #facepalm Continue reading “Why the silence? I’m back and here’s why….”

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More “Sex Talk” with my 9 year old…..

As most of you should know (as per the pic right up at the top of this page) we have 2 beautiful girls that we’re hopefully raising to be decent young women. It’s not a cup of tea and you know what? I’m the type of mom that has a few goals set ahead of me that I’m praying become a part of my girls every way of thinking and being. Continue reading “More “Sex Talk” with my 9 year old…..”

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4 Reasons Why I Tell my Kids the Truth

This week started a little too quickly for me and I haven’t even taken the time to actually just breathe and enjoy a quiet moment alone. Well, here it is – I’m sitting in my car waiting while my 8 year old is having a ballet lesson, my 3 year old is sleeping in the back seat and my 10 year old is in between being “chatty” and peeking over my shoulder to assess what I’m saying about us as a family and possibly her as well……. Let’s be honest – she’s looking to make sure I don’t misrepresent her specifically. Cue eye roll. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why I Tell my Kids the Truth”

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Homeschool Car Conversations – Can I drive when I’m 16?

We haven’t done one of these in a very long time and so we just decided to take a video and post it – even if it wasn’t planned. I really hope you enjoy sharing this little moment with us. The girls and I often have very random conversations and honestly – I never thought until now to capture them and share our spontaneous nuggets.


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The “Talk” with my kids : ‘The Naked Hug’

Just so you know, I’ve been wrestling between whether or not I should share these conversations with the World Wide Web. “Conversations” being with my two girls. Eventually Jude will join in but for now it’s just the two of them. Continue reading “The “Talk” with my kids : ‘The Naked Hug’”

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The “talk” with my kids : Wait, just Wait.

I honestly feel scared for my kids. The reason why, is that they’re growing up in a world where I (as the parent) have to consider self defense classes for my 10 year old girl and boy (when he gets there). In case they get into a sticky situation. As well as make sure that they’re all considerate to other human beings without being taken for a ride and potentially being harmed. Our world is sick, and my job is to raise decent human beings in it.  Continue reading “The “talk” with my kids : Wait, just Wait.”

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The “talk” with my kids: self control

I’m writing this post on an evening after a day where the wheels came off more than once, for more than just one of us (my hand being up as well). It wasn’t the kind you’re thinking of, you know the whole losing my mind and shouting at every single child that crosses my path in my home . Continue reading “The “talk” with my kids: self control”

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The “talk” with my kids : “boys”…… hmmm

Good morning fellow people. As I decided a few weeks ago – Friday is my day to share about what our experience has been with our kids with the whole “birds and the bees” thing. As you might have gathered, it isn’t just about the deed itself up to now, its been more about lifestyle choices and working the ground leading up to the all to important conversations. So, I’m going to chat some more about another aspect of the ground work we’ve worked on a bit.  Continue reading “The “talk” with my kids : “boys”…… hmmm”