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Disciplining my kids is not fun!

As I reread the title of my post, back to myself – I sigh every time. It’s the absolute, complete, truth! I remember setting out on this parenting journey and wanting to set up our disciplining early so that it would be easier for us later…….. well that was a complete joke! Now, understand upfront, that this post isn’t a complaining one – I’m super proud of us, and our kids are amazing, but I don’t want the illusion bubble of “they’re amazing” to cloud the fact that it has been a continuous journey of slogging it out up until now. Continue reading “Disciplining my kids is not fun!”

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5 Things that stress my toddler out

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram or twitter over the last few days, you would have seen that I had to stay with my son in the hospital after we found out what was actually wrong with him. It wasn’t fun leading up to the whole incident and then to discover the reason for his tummy problems.  Continue reading “5 Things that stress my toddler out”

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When my kid is sick & I don’t know what to do…….

Over the last few weeks our 3 year old has been constantly complaining that his tummy has been sore and it’s been hard to navigate. I say hard, because it’s one thing when your kid is constipated or has a runny tummy, but when he’s eating fine, pooping fine and playing absolutely fine every day – but still constantly points to his stomach and says it’s “owie”………. what’s a mom gotta do?

I’m the type of mom that looks at the symptoms, remembers previous appointments with the docs and applies the principles that were told to me when they have the same problems. 99% of the time, I nail it and I don’t have to get antibiotics or have my kids do anything major to get better.

It’s this that gets to me. I say it gets to me because he’s fine through out the day (see how he’s smiling in the pics?), but then at 3 in the morning – the poor kid is in the foetal position and holding his stomach – keeping us up through the night and there’s nothing we can do.

We’ve been to the doc and have applied the meds that he recommended but now the ache is back and all I want to do is make a Grey’s Anatomy manoeuvre and scan the kid to see what’s going on in there.

Well, today we’re going to the paediatrician again and we’ll see what the plan will be to make sure that my kid gets back his normal – complain free – life. Have you had times like this? It’s frustrating right? how did you deal with the exhaustion and trying to manage every day life without murdering one of your kids. (the struggle is real peeps, very real) 

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Feder Catch Up – it’s been a while

Hello again!! I know it’s been like, for-ages since I’ve been on this lovely little window into our lives. All I can say is that since I was wrote about how I was feeling, it’s been a ridiculous journey leading up to me actually sitting here and writing something down. I was finally able to identify why I was feeling the way I was feeling, Continue reading “Feder Catch Up – it’s been a while”