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Zimbabwe runs through my veins!!

I had a whole other post prepared for today, but with the AMAZING moments that unfolded yesterday, I did a 180. I was completely moved to capture my thoughts and feelings and share them with you guys.

Many of you should know that I am 100% Zimbabwean with a dilution of Cape Town in my veins.

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Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 4 – Moving through to Gweru!!! Woohoo baby!

Gweru? I hear some of you ask, where is Gweru? Well folks this is my home town and the place I can proudly say I stuck my roots down deep and grew from. I always say to people who ask where it is, that if you look at the map of Zimbabwe and put your finger smack bang in the middle of it – that’s where you’ll find Gweru. You can not even begin to imagine the excitement I felt as we were driving through. I was taking every single thing in on the way there. Continue reading “Our Zimbabwe Trip – Day 4 – Moving through to Gweru!!! Woohoo baby!”